Pet Injury Coverage from Progressive Insurance!

With our Pet Injury coverage, your auto, boat, RV and now commercial policies protect dogs and cats too.*

What is Pet Injury Coverage?

Pet Injury coverage comes complimentary with Collision coverage, and if your customers’ dog or cat is injured in an accident while riding with them, Progressive will pay up to $1000 to help with veterinary bills and medicine.*

When Can Pet Injury Coverage Be Used?

Pet Injury coverage can be used whenever a pet is injured during a claim covered by Collision or Comprehensive coverage. This coverage is available for pets riding in the car and owned by your customer or his/her relatives.*

Pet Injury coverage is built into Collision coverage – there’s no added cost if the customer chooses to use it or not use it. Collision coverage must be included on at least one covered vehicle on the policy to receive Pet Injury coverage.*

Coverage Highlights

  • Coverage is limited to dogs and cats owned by the named insured and resident relatives.*
  • Only covers injuries sustained in a “collision” or “comprehensive” claim.*
  • The pet must be inside the vehicle when injured to be covered (includes pickup truck beds).*
  • $1000 is the most Progressive will pay in a collision or comp claim regardless of number of pets injured or that die.*
  • Pays up to $1000 for veterinary bills if a pet is injured in a coll/comp claim.*
  • Pays $1000 if the pet dies as a result of the coll/comp claim.  The insured does not need to replace the animal to get paid.*
  • In cases of theft, we will cover a stolen pet for the $1000 death benefit only if there is a total theft of the car while the pet is in it. *
  • The customer will need to provide proof of payment to be reimbursed for vet bills.*
  • There is no coverage if there is not Collision coverage on at least one vehicle listed on the policy. If Collision coverage is purchased on any one vehicle, Pet Injury coverage is provided whether the pet is in the vehicle with collision coverage or one of the other vehicles that may not have collision on the policy, or in a “non-owned” car as defined in the policy. Furthermore, there is coverage if the pet is injured, dies or is stolen as a result of an event that fits the definitions of Comprehensive (even if Comp coverage has not been purchased).*
  • If the loss is excluded for the vehicle under Part IV of the policy, coverage for Pet Injury is also excluded.*

*information provided by Progressive Insurance